Quest for Innovator Champions

Ask any founder/entrepreneur, what the most challenging task about launching a startup is, and no price for guessing, the most probable answer will be - "fund raising". Indeed, raising the capital, to get your startup off the ground, is crucial, challenging and most importantly, exhausting.

Identifying and convincing investors is both - inspiriting and daunting task. You will soon realise that it takes a lot of planning and perseverance to be successful. Sooner you start believing in yourself, sooner you will be unstoppable. Here's one more opportunity for founders to avail an unique opportunity of presenting their story, not only to investors but to the whole world!! This is a unique platform of achieving desired recognition and potential investment by Founders. Join "Quest for Innovator Champions" - a newly launched competition platform for founders by e2mp. Founders will be able to avail support of advisors/mentors/accelerators associated with e2mp. Additionally, they will be judged by eminent personalities from industry with relevant experience and expertise. Judges, celebrating an accomplished career in respective fields, shall be proponents of start up industry.

As a contestant, founder will compete for his/her idea and present detailed financial and non-financial information. There will be multiple rounds before you reach the Finals. The winner will receive a cash prize that he/she can use towards scaling his/her startup. But, that's just the tip of the iceberg, because even if you don't win the grand prize, joining this competition offers a lot of other benefits and perks, for you and your startup.

Wait for further details!!